Blogalicious 2010 Sponsored Blogger Policy

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It’s very important to us that the Blogalicious Weekend conferences remain as accessible as possible to the bloggers that want to attend.  For this reason, we make it a priority to keep the registration costs as low as possible, the hotel room rates as reasonable as possible, and to offer important extras – like sharing a Family-Friendly Area Guide with conference attendees beforehand, assisting attendees with finding a roommate, and providing free childcare to those parents are attending Blogalicious with their little ones in tow.

Still, we recognize that some bloggers may want or need to have their Blogalicious Weekend registration and trip expenses sponsored by a company that they have a working relationship with.  That’s a-ok with us and we are more than happy to know that brands are recognizing our importance as ambassadors for their products and services.  That said, we have to make sure that the Official Blogalicious Weekend Sponsors are not overshadowed by the companies sponsoring individual bloggers (“unofficial sponsors”).  To make sure that everyone is happy and that our Official Sponsors get their due, we have put together these guidelines for bloggers seeking individual sponsorship to Blogalicious Weekend 2010:

Ø     You may not represent yourself as an official representative of Blogalicious in order to secure individual sponsorship to the conference.

Ø     No swag, gifts or materials from unofficial sponsors may be distributed or posted within the conference space, directly or indirectly.

Ø     You may not use the Blogalicious Weekend 2010 room block to secure a room to host a private event for your sponsor.

Ø     Any private events hosted by/for your sponsor must not conflict with the Official Conference Agenda.

Ø     If you are working with a company that is interested in becoming an Official Blogalicious Weekend Sponsor, please have them contact us at: We’d love to have them!

Questions? Email us at:

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