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By Rosemary at The Sexy Geek Files

In a few weeks I’m heading down to Miami to attend one of the conferences that got me excited about blogging in the first place – Blogalicious Weekend.  Blogalicious is taking place from October 8-10, 2010 in case you haven’t heard.  For this second installment of one the hottest social media conferences of the year, I’m taking a more active role.  I’m organizing the Geek Lounge.

What’s the Geek Lounge, you ask? Think the Apple Genius Bar lite. The Apple Genius Bar is a live “help desk” at Apple stores.  Folks with Apple products can schedule an appointment with an Apple “Genius” to help them solve their tech problems. It can be as simple as getting help with a jammed CD to getting help with a crashed hard drive.

While we won’t be able to rebuild your computer, redesign your blog or perform major surgery on your code, geek lounge bloggers will answer simple tech questions and help, as we can, resolve some tech issues. This will also be a place that you can come to after attending a tech track session for follow up on implementing what was taught. More details on the logistics to come.

Are you a Sexy Geek?

If you’re a sexy geek or an all around techie  in general we want you! What we mean by this is the following: you know your way around WordPress and Blogger, you can install widgets and change basic themes, you can perform minor code tweaks, you can show others what you know about cool social media apps that you added to your blog and how to do it, you know something about online video.

Or do you have another tech specialty that you can share? If you are a speaker conducting a tech track who’d be willing to do a follow up “implementation session” or if you are an attendee who would like to do a follow up session to a tech track, we need you too!

What will be required is donating an hour or two of your time to staff the Geek Lounge room during the conference.

Interested? Send me an email at or reach out to me through the Blogalicious Big Tent Forum. I’ve already added a discussion thread in the forum.

Geek Lounge Superstars:

Who’s staffing the Geek Lounge so far? Some of the best female tech savvy bloggers in the industry! Please remember to support our businesses for more in depth tech and content solutions  in general.  Here is a list of some of them and a full schedule of Geek Lounge hours and who will be there is coming soon:

Rosemary Jean-Louis – The Sexy Geek/The Geek Treatment – specializes in using WordPress and Blogger to add content; Blogging 101 issues; adding widgets, online video and writing web friendly copy.

Adria Richards - FreshWorkshops/But You’re A Girl – specializes in training on building WordPress sites in a snap, SEO ,  and presenting on the Sunday Session: Is Your Blog Design Killing Your Visitor Traffic?

Luvvie Ajayi - Awesomely Luvvie – humor blogger, social media strategist and WordPress designer of the Blogalicious Weekend site and presenting on the Friday Session: New Bloggers 101.

Jessica Benton – ThatTechChick/IDesign – Graphic designer/Wordpress afficionado

Kris CainLittle Tech Girl – tech, gadget, web and social media guru, co-presenting with Luvvie Ajayi on the Blogging 101 session.

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